Touching Video Shows The Moment This Boy Was Reunited With His Military Dad

The joy on this boy’s face is simply priceless

Being reunited with someone you love is always a wonderful experience. We can all share in that joy by watching the moment that this kid saw his dad for the first time in ages.


If you’ve ever been reunited with someone you’d been missing, this video will speak to you.

Aronka Robertson filmed the clip, which shows her son being reunited with his military father after a long time apart.

Aronka knew that her son’s dad was coming home and decided to organize a little surprise for the boy. The video starts off with her telling him to hurry up as they’re going to go and fetch Dad. The boy is immediately surprised and can’t believe what he’s hearing.

His mom tells him to go and get changed. He doesn’t need to be told twice and quickly runs around the corner towards his room, but the surprise isn’t finished there! In fact, his dad has already arrived and is waiting for him.

The father and son share a wonderful embrace and it’s such a heartwarming moment! You definitely need to see it for yourself, so please watch the video below and SHARE it with your friends and followers.