Tips For When You're Attacked

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Sometimes, life puts us in dangerous situations. Often, most of us have no clue what to do and get confused, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, the solution is to learn some tips and tricks to aid in our self-defense.

Yelling is a simple, yet effective method.

The issue with whistles is that they might not always signal help. More effective are literally the words, “Help” and “911”.

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Throw your wallet.

When being held for your wallet at gunpoint, DON’T hesitate to give it away. What’s better is to throw it a few feet away, so that your attacker shifts to the wallet instead of you.


Headbutts are underrated.

Aim for the bridge of the nose. A headbutt there hurts like hell!

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Be swift.

Don’t be static; a still target is an easy target. Keep moving around, make it unexpected for your attacker.


Most of all, take a good self-defense course.

These tips are best learned through the training of an effective self-defense course.

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Don’t make your hair an easy target.

Bunched up hair, such as ponytails, are easy to grab on to. So, let your hair down and open in order to make it harder for your attacker to grab onto you from behind.


In the case of an abduction, throw your belongings.

In the worst-case scenario of you getting abducted, throw away your belongings for investigators to find. But don’t throw away the cellphone, hide it instead. Cellphone calls are very easy to track for the authorities in case of emergencies.

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Fight smart.

Know where to strike a smart blow by learning the pressure points of the human body.


Aim for the head.

Ears are not only easy to grab, but also hurt a lot when struck!


Kick the knees hard.

The knee area is impossible to protect through a block. The most accurate blow is one from your heel to the attacker’s knees.


Use those heavy rings.

Those heavy titanium rings pack quite a punch.

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When attacked in an elevator…

Press as many buttons as possible. The nearest floor might have someone who can help you.

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In the case of a home invasion, head for the kitchen.

The room in your house with the most handy weapons is the kitchen.

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In the event of being followed, take immediate action.

When being followed, head for a public space. If you’re in a vehicle, head to the police station immediately.


How to escape a zip-tie.

Leverage your body against the zip-tie bond to break it!

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