This WWII Spy Is Finally Getting To Revel In Some Well-Deserved Stardom

After so many years, we can finally thank her

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Do something amazing while you’re alive, and you’ll be remembered for all time even after you’re gone. Almost every one of us has come across stories like that, but how many of us have actually made it happen? Shout out to Krystyna Skarbek.

In 1939, driven by her rage towards the Nazis who had overrun her land, this lady devised her way into the British Secret Service.


By 1944, Krystyna had become Churchill’s favorite. But, like her work, she was kept super-secret herself and that’s the reason why she couldn’t get the appreciation she deserved in the open.

Courtesy of the author Clare Mulley’s 2012 biography, The Spy Who Loved, Krystyna’s moment of fame arrived.

There’s news that a movie adaptation might be in the works too!


The Polish Hearth Society redid her grave and she got her name up among the rest of the heroes at the Polish Hearth Club.

It took a very long time for her name to finally come into the spotlight.

The 2006 James Bond movie Casino Royale, who do you think inspired the Vesper Lynd character? Her.


When you learn about her feats during the war, you are blown away. Clare exclaimed, “She was a remarkable woman, it is ludicrous that she is not better known.”

Krystyna started working in Poland.


Spontaneous brainpower was her forte. This one time when she had to dodge the services into believing she had tuberculosis, she bit her tongue so hard, it looked like she was having one of the blood vomiting episodes with the disease. Woah!

History in an Hour

Krystyna managed to flee the French resistance leader, Colonel Francois Cammaerts, and his two other allies, all on her own.

This one time when she had to get her people out of prison, she cycled 25 miles all the way to the Nazi commander, and threatened him with Ally forces that’d bomb them if he didn’t concede to what she had to offer. The ‘ally forces’ didn’t exist.

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The George Medal, the Croix de Guerre, and the OBE, were just some of the medals she received.


Having done all the work with utmost devotion and gallantry, the way she met her end is what will make you cringe.

She gave six years of her youthful life to serving her nation with a zeal and fervor that wasn’t paralleled, and they thanked her with a red bill at the end and chucked her out.

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She did so much, but how was she thanked for it? With nothing.

The Brits even denied her passport when she was no longer needed. Criminal. “It is just extraordinary,” Clare said.

The History Girls

She was pushed beyond her limits, and even performed duties that were not her style,such as cleaning toilets that belonged to commuters. Even after all of this, there were very few who knew of her.

The bust was Clare’s proposition, as she wanted it for Krystyna so dearly, for her to finally sit back and relish her triumphs in peace, and the Polish Hearth Club was to be its home.

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Her husband had it carved for her, out of Polish sand.

Puls Polonii

“She is literally cast in the soil of her native country and the country she adopted after war, countries she fought so hard and courageously for. I think it is beautiful,” Clare explained.

Thank you, Krystyna.

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