This Woman Stole A Ring From A Dead Grandmother's Finger, But Things Didn't Quite Go Her Way

The skin around Lois Hicks’ finger was left torn after a ‘diamond ring’ was stolen from her dead body

Lois Hicks passed away at age 88 in her hometown of Odessa, Texas, earlier this year.

Inside Edition
Inside Edition

She was immediately taken to a funeral home, and the following day her family gathered to bid her farewell. At 5:30pm, after Lois’ family had left the building, a stranger approached, asking to use the restroom. Let inside, the thief made her way to Lois’s casket where she ripped the ring from the bodies finger.

It was just 15 minutes later that Lois’ daughter Vel arrived to touch up her mother’s makeup and realised what had happened. Her finger had been left raw and torn.

“I can’t believe someone would be that low. It makes me sick to my stomach,” said Vel.

It took several days, but eventually the disgusting 41-year-old thief was caught and arrested – and best of all – she also found out the ring she’d stolen cost no more than $10, and was a fake made of plastic!

Hopefully she learnt her lesson, but the fact that it even happened in the first place still makes us sick!