This Woman Got Some Sweet Revenge After Her Fiancé Broke Off Their Engagement Via Text

She’d secretly bought him an awesome Christmas present!

Brenna Clanton didn’t take the breakup lying down after her fiancé ended their relationship via text, just before Christmas! Instead, she enjoyed the holiday gift meant for them to share: two tickets to a Dallas Cowboys football game. But that’s not all, the brilliant woman made it a point to broadcast his chosen words … all over LIVE TV!

The Metro

Only four months into their seemingly blissful engagement, Breanna received a devastating message. Reading the fateful words on her phone, the 30-year-old hairstylist was confused, heartbroken, and irate! How could he do such a thing right before the holidays? Right after he’d given her a ring!

The breakup truly couldn’t have come at a worse time. Breanna had just dropped quite a lot of cash on purchasing two tickets to see her husband-to-be’s favorite football team in action.

As the game was scheduled for December 26th, she’d even booked an airbnb for them to stay in during their mini vacation to Dallas!

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In possibly the most epic revenge story yet, Breanna decided to use the pricey tickets and to make the best of the unforeseen situation.

The 30-year-old marched her way to the stadium with the perfect personalized poster in tow.

Of course, she knew her former love would be tuning in for the game and created a glitter filled message especially for him.


Holding up her handmade sign, Breanna made sure to let the world know that she and her man had broken up because they had ‘nothing in common.’

Plastering his dirty deed all over national television, she was the one laughing now!

Not surprisingly, almost everyone was on Breanna’s side of the argument. In fact, the public made their opinions, well, public!


Breanna’s post to social media and the story’s extensive news coverage made her quite the popular ex-fiancé.

Fans of the poster asked for pictures with her at the stadium, while a major magazine editor retweeted the images!

As it turned out, the opposing team took a huge loss at the game … guess you could say the same for Breanna’s ex-fiancé!!

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