This Tiny Baby Sloth Is The Animal You Never Knew You Wanted

Too adorable!

When Coyote Peterson’s name is uttered, your mind probably goes to a Steve Irwin-esque jungle man on his quest to discover and ultimately defeat nature’s biggest and baddest. But big and bad is not all he stumbles across.


Upon watching the show, you soon realize that the Brave Wilderness star is probably the world’s most prolific adrenaline junkie, as he continuously goes out of his way to interact with nature’s most impressive and dangerous creatures and places. However, in a recent video, Peterson stumbles across the cutest thing most of us will ever see.

Appropriately given the name B-Rad, this poor guy had a rough start growing up. He was all too skinny, and probably undernourished. That’s probably why he fell off the tree. He is now at a sanctuary, where he can grow stronger and bigger; this is a huge sigh of relief if you’ve watched the video already. Honestly, we’re actually totally jealous of Peterson, who met this lazy, cuddly ball of procrastination in person.

How much do you want to adopt him?

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