This Server Thought She Was Getting a $1 Tip, But It Turned Out to Be $1000!

What a wonderful and touching surprise!

If you’ve ever worked in the service industry, you know just how important tips are…


As a waiter, you have to always be on point with your customers. You have to smile, tend to their every call, and make sure you let them leave feeling satisfied with their experience. Your salary depends on it! Most servers receive menial hourly pay and primarily depend on the tips the customers leave them. So when a customer leaves a giant tip, it makes all the difference in the world!

Sometimes, even if you were the best server you can be, customers are too greedy or broke to leave a good tip!

One waiter must have set herself up for disappointment when she glanced at the $1 tip a couple left for her at the Golden Corral in London, Kentucky on Christmas Eve.

Or at least that’s why Rachael Vanorden thought when she picked up the remaining cash from the order.

Much to her surprise, wrapped inside the $1 bill was something completely unexpected: $1000 more, and a heartwarming note!

The note gave her a great piece of advice. It said that money always runs out, but hopefully they could help her afford something she needed. Their only request was for her to read the Bible.

Rachael was touched and extremely grateful for the surprise, and yes, she even began reading the Bible. The money was also very well-spent; she used it to pay some bills and even managed to buy her 3-year-old some Christmas gifts!

This mom clearly deserved it- even her managers say she works hard everyday, and deserves every bit of extra money she gets!

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Photo source: Twitter / corey