This Pregnant Mom Popped a Gender Reveal Balloon, and Grandma is Shocked To See Yellow!

What does yellow mean??

There are some amazing ways to reveal the gender of your new baby to friends, family, and yourself!


Whether you ordered a cake with pink or blue filling, or you filled a container with colorful balloons that indicate the gender, gender reveals are so much fun and ALWAYS surprising! Just make sure you actually got the right order, so what happened here won’t happen to you.

In September 27 of 2015, these almost-parents let their family throw a baby gender revealing party where the couple would throw darts at black balloons filled with paint. In order to find out the gender of the baby, the pink color would indicate girl and blue for a boy.

Once it came time for the game of darts, the pair got straight to popping. After a bit, they realized the balloons were all filled with yellow paint, which didn’t indicate one gender or the other. The suspense was killing them!

After a whole lot of yellow, they struck a pink! That meant that they had to hit just one more pink to confirm it was a girl.

A few more yellows later, and they popped a blue balloon! The party-goers went wild! The suspense at this point in the video was insane. Now it was fair game!

The last balloon was finally…wait…I’m not going to spoil it for you! Take a look at the video below to find out what color was in that last balloon!

Credit: Linds&Liv / Instagram

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