This Poor High School Team Lost Their Basketball Game In The Absolute Worst Way, You Won't Believe It!

These guys must be kicking themselves all the way home…

This team will be kicking themselves after such a shocking loss…


The Arlington High School basketball team played the Central Christian Academy last Tuesday night in a state tournament in Indiana.

With just half a second left on the clock, Arlington had the lead by only one point, and a free throw left to shoot. In their minds, the game was a solid win.

That’s just about when their critical error happened. Arlington decided they would intentionally miss on the second of the two free-throw shots, and….

Now that just sucks!!

Here’s another angle in case you didn’t believe it the first time.

Their initial decision to miss out on the second shot at a free throw is common in many basketball games. The strategy won’t give the opponents enough of a change to run an actual inbound play, but they can try their luck at a full-court catch-and-heave. So basically, by missing the shot intentionally, Arlington essentially forced Central Christian Academy to attempt the heave.

Many teams don’t make it, as it’s a hard shot. But these guys clearly had luck on their side.

High school senior Josh Clanton, the Central Christian Academy’s biggest legend right now, attempted the famous shot without all the pressure, but wasn’t able to recreate whatever magic helped him drop it in the first time.

So hopefully this can be a lesson: never miss your free throws!

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