This Photo Went Viral For All The Wrong Reasons, Now The Truth Is Being Revealed

Here’s another example of social media misappropriation

People have probably realized that not everything they view or read on the internet is true. Photoshop and our wild sense of imagination can cook up the most ridiculous of images or stories.

A sweet photo from Rita and Jared Shaw’s marriage is a prime example of how ridiculously fast a false story can be formed. A confused forum discussion on Reddit is what made this photo go viral, and all for the reasons that it should not have been.

When Rita Shaw finished uploading her cute marriage photos on Instagram, she was alarmed by the amount of likes and comments one of the images generated.

It was, in the end, an attractive photo that encapsulated an elegant moment. She probably didn’t think someone would post that photo on Reddit and caption it as, “Groomsmen hold up paralyzed groom for his wedding.”

Unsurprisingly, this heart-warming tale managed to form quite a lot of hype on social media.

If you happened to see the photo on Reddit, you might have believed the story behind it, but the truth is actually way different.

Instagram | @rita_ri

Taking a look at the Reddit post, we can actually see a lot of comments attacking the person who wrote the original headline.

People stated that the pose wasn’t anything to do with being disabled, but was in fact a common way for college brotherhoods to show their love, character, and unity for the groom.

Bearing in mind this important discovery, we searched for the truth behind the motivating image, and came across another one of Rita Shaw’s Instagram photos.

Instagram | @rita_ri

Posted on her image was the description, “Happy Founders day to the good Bruhz #RQQ.” The hashtag ‘#RQQ’ stands for the international brotherhood Omega Psi Pi, which formulated at Howard University back in 1911.

Instagram | @rita_ri

So, this proves that the original photo was, in fact, just a group of frat members striking a pose to represent their unity and friendship.

One particular poster explained the pose by saying, “[It] tends to remind us that we can use other organizational members for their support and love as they can use us.”

“The experiences which that specific line endures cause them to form a special relationship which is not present between them and other members of the fraternity. That unique relationship is being shown and the line is shown to be ‘its own family members’.”

Instagram | @rita_ri

What have we learned from this tale? Firstly, don’t believe in everything the Internet tells you – try working out the truth yourself! More importantly, Mr. and Mrs. Shaw had posted an elegant and appealing photo. The story did not need any unnecessary fake rubbish to cover the symbolic beauty of the photo.

My heartfelt congratulations to the Shaws! We wish for their lives to be filled with many happy memories and experiences. SHARE this beautiful story of not judging a photo by its cover!