This Mother And Her Three Daughters Decided To Never Cut Their Hair

You won’t believe how they look now!

We’ve all heard the classic fairy tale ‘Rapunzel’, but what would happen if you really did let your hair grow forever? Well, this family tried it!

This family features not just one ‘Rapunzel’, but four of them!

The tradition started with the 43-year-old mother, Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell, who decided to simply not cut her hair, ever. She has since had three daughters who have followed in their mom’s footsteps.

Tere Lynn’s hair measures a whopping 74 inches. Her eldest daughter, Lynn, has hair that also reaches approximately 74 inches. The hair of the middle daughter, Cendalyn, measures in at 36 inches, while Chesney, the youngest, has hair that stretches out to 26 inches.

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