This Is Why Doctors Everywhere Are Telling Patients To Keep Their Baby Teeth

It can potentially save your live!

If your parents saved your baby teeth growing up then they did you a favor!


As people age, losing baby teeth is often seen as a coming-of-age event. With every tooth that falls, kids become older and wiser than they were before. For many, losing a tooth is also an exciting time as the “tooth fairy” pays them a visit…and a dollar or two.

If you’re a parent, it is always fun to take on the role of tooth fairy. Sneaking into your kid’s room, putting a dollar under their pillow as quietly as possible, and waiting for their reaction the next day are some of the best memories you can have.

Most parents keep the tooth they collected, some throw them away, but what else can you do with those delicate little gems? Apparently, a lot!

A study shows that baby teeth are incredible sources of stem cells, which are able to grow into almost any kind of cell.

The 2003 study indicated that if, later on, a child needs tissue replacements, doctors can extract stem cells from their old baby teeth and grow the tissue themselves. How great is that?

This technique can save countless lives or treat illnesses and diseases.


Losing baby teeth, or, technically, deciduous teeth, is considered a rite-of-passage in most cultures.

Who doesn’t remember that little wiggle that you couldn’t stop playing with, and then the relief of the tooth finally falling out.

For many, the tooth fairy’s visit is the very best part!

The old tooth fairy tradition goes as far back as Norse culture, where baby teeth were considered lucky.

Many cultures throughout the world have their own version of baby teeth or tooth fairy traditions.

Clearly, they were right, as the teeth can actually bring good luck, but medicinally rather than magically.


The scientific study concluded that deciduous teeth contain stem cells, but if preserved soon after falling out, the cells in the teeth can be safely stored for years and then used, if needed, to repair damage or cure diseases.


Being able to grow cells for any kind of tissue, from heart to brain cells, is much cooler than a quick buck!


However, the baby teeth need to be stored as fresh as possible, as the potency of the cells will degrade over time.


Keeping baby teeth in a drawer somewhere isn’t going to preserve the cells, so services such as Store-A-Tooth are available to properly keep the teeth safe and fresh.

These services place the teeth in a liquid nitrogen cryo-preservation vault, keeping the cells preserved for years to come.

If needed, the teeth can be requested and shipped directly to your doctor.


So maybe all those cultures who emphasized the importance of losing baby teeth were onto something big.

Check out Store-A-Tooth for information on preserving your own kids or grandchildren’s baby teeth!

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