This Fluffy House Cat Enjoys A Game Of Hide-And-Seek With Adorable Little Girl

This video proves how playful cats can be!

Every kid grew up playing hide-and-seek at some point in their childhood…


We all remember that moment when the seeker counts down to one and suddenly an exhilarating suspense sets in, making you dash to the spiderweb covered corners of the house. Its hard to recall what made the game so enjoyable, and yet most memories of it are filled with pure joy!

This rendition of the game was made extra special by the fact that the seeker was a cat!

Once the little girl sneaks around the corner, the white fluffy cat begins to prowl, ready to pounce in a surprise attack!

Sure, this isn’t the ultimate hide-and-seek game, it is, however, a heartwarming example of the precious bond a little girl and her pet kitty have. A lot of mean things get said about cats in comparison to dogs, but this just goes to show that our feline friends can be just as much fun as their canine counterparts.

As you can see, these two rug rats are the closest of friends, and enjoy many memories just like this spent cuddling and chasing each-other around the house. Its times like these that one remembers for the whole of their lives. In the end, its the simple joys of life that make each day special.

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