This Evidence Clearly Proves Men and Woman Come from Completely Different Planets

Men and women’s interpretations of the same events couldn’t be more polar opposite.

The formerly far-fetched idea of “men are from Mars, women are fromVenus,” has become more believable over the years. In fact, updated research points to that same conclusion. “Research” being one couple’s completely different interpretation of similar events. 

The age-old question: why are men and women so different? Scientific studies, comparative research, and sheer experience have all failed to provide the answer. One husband took it upon himself to learn more, carefully observing and documenting his wife’s daily routine.

In a competing case study, she did the same. The results are absolutely hilarious and couldn’t be any more relatable.

Exhibit #1: Observations of Spare Time

Exhibit #2: Food Preference

Exhibit #3: Interactions with Well-Known Feline

Exhibit #4: Advances In Technology

Exhibit #5: Interpretation of “Snacking”

Exhibit #6: Resting Habits