This Dog's Reaction To Getting A Birthday Cake Is Hilarious

A picture worth a thousand words.

Many pet parents have a habit of pampering their dogs, but at some point we all think about the money and ask ourselves if we really should be spending so much on our pets.

Recently, a photo went viral showing a puppy going ecstatic over her birthday cake. This photo proves that spending money on dogs is legit. Lucy became famous over the internet after the photo was shared.

Lucy’s expression is hilarious! Christopher and Jackie Vrankovic, Lucy’s owners, got her a special birthday cake from (guess where) the Barkery, but were worried that their pup wouldn’t really care.

Lucy’s reaction relieved them and proved that their money didn’t go to waste. Go ahead and look at her excited reaction.

Imgur / ZedSounds

Christopher posted a photo of Lucy to Imgur, without imagining the response he would get.

The photo went viral and people kept on commenting.

The catch? Lucy’s cute expression that you won’t be able to get over!

Imgur / ZedSounds

Christopher put this as a caption for the photo, “I thought ordering my dog a birthday cake would be a waste of money…Her reaction was worth every penny.”

He told Today that Jackie, his wife, was the mastermind behind the customized peanut-butter cake, and that it cost $20.

Facebook / Christopher Vrankovic

Just look at those adorable puppy dog eyes! You can’t look away.

Christopher says he never knew he would be a dog person, even after meeting Lucy.

Lucy was only six months old and belonged to Jackie while they were only dating. But Christopher totally fell for Lucy and her owner so much that he chose to become a committed puppy father.

Instagram / The Barkery

Over the past few years, they have brought dog cookies and biscuits for Lucy, but this year was a special one.

It was Lucy’s 5th birthday and the last one as the only child, as the couple are expecting their very first baby.

Therefore, they chose to order something special from the Barkery, which is a pet bakery that bakes delicious dog treats and biscuits.

Imgur / ZedSounds

Lucy loved this gesture towards her. The internet went crazy about her and the face she made, which says, “Is this really for me?!?!”

Her big eyes and face show her as one happy little dog!

YouTube / Christopher Vrankovic

Christopher thinks the cake might become a tradition for Lucy, but he isn’t sure about it. We’re sure Lucy would love the idea though!

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