This Dog Has Learned To Say 'Mama'

The adorable pup was standing by while his owner was trying to teach the word to her baby son.

Dogs and their owners have a truly special bond, but this one is taking that connection to a whole new level!


A mother was trying to feed her baby and her faithful dog was standing by. He jumped each time a crumb fell on the floor to grab it. The mother kept on repeating the word “mama”, while trying to get her son to say it as she fed him. The baby didn’t seem to be paying much attention, but someone else was…

The pup then did something that surprised everyone. She sat, excited for food to fall from the fork, and watched the mother with her cute eyes. Then, from out of nowhere, she spoke!

The furry animal was so keen to get the food that she was even ready to learn English.

Know what’s surprising about it? She succeeded!

At first, the dog found it difficult, but later on, the word “mama” can clearly be heard. Obviously, the dog didn’t know what the word even was, but kept on saying it!

The mother was thrilled with this surprising event and turned the fork towards the dog as a reward. The baby responded to the change of attention and shooed the dog away.

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