This Creepy Yet Adorable Cat With Human Hands Has Gone Completely Viral!

Sure they’re prosthetic, but they look absolutely hilarious!

Last Thursday, one Twitter user by the name of Emma shared this weird series of photos portraying a cat with a pair of prosthetic hands, leaving people divided over whether the animal looks adorable or super creepy…

The woman said she stumbled upon the images while scrolling through Tumblr, however no one can figure out who owns them or where they came from. One thing can be said of this sensation- not one person can be neutral about the latest Internet cat obession!

Emma’s post was retweeted over 100,000 times after only one day, and simply read: “I love kitties. Everyone else thinks they’re creepy though.” She added: “I always knew cats would make me famous.”

This past Thursday, Tumblr user Emma shared one really weird set of photos showing a cat holding prosthetic human hands..

People were instantly divided over whether they thought the kitty is adorable or actually super creepy.

Emma stated that she discovered the images randomly online, but to this day, no one can figure out where they originated.

“I always knew cats would make me famous,” she said.

Of course, the Internet couldn’t help but react:

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