This Brain Teaser Will Have You Stumped For Hours

Can you figure it out?

Riddles and logic puzzles keep your mind fresh. They challenge you to use your mind and expand your thoughts.

With that in mind, we’ve got a brain teaser to share today, and it’s going to have you thinking for hours. Statistics show that only 4 in 10 people get this right on the first try, so it’s time to test out your skills!

You have 3 boxes and 3 statements. There is a car in just one of the boxes and only one statement speaks the truth.

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The objective is to consider the statements and judge which of the boxes holds the car. It seems simple enough, right?

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Have a go yourself, and when you’re ready to hear our explanation, read on!

The way to solve this puzzle is to proceed by process of elimination.

You have to go through each statement and each possibility, assuming that each one is true and assessing whether or not the rest of the statements make sense.

So let’s start by assuming that the first statement is true. This means that the car would be in box 1 and that the 2nd and 3rd statements are lies. However, this creates a paradox because statement 2 would indicate that the car is in box 2! So, we know that the first statement can’t be true.

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Still with us?

Okay, now let’s assume that the second statement is true, meaning that the car is NOT in box 2. If the 1st and 3rd statements are therefore lies, this also creates a paradox because the 1st statement would indicate that the car is not in box 1, but the 3rd statement says that it is. Ergo, statement 2 cannot be true either!

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So by the process of elimination, the third statement is true. Let’s just check it to be sure! In this case, we know that the car is NOT in box one. The 1st statement, as a lie, confirms this. Meanwhile, the 2nd statement as a lie must indicate that the car is in box 2. No paradoxes, no problems! Puzzle solved.

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