This Awesome Dad Brings His 6-Year-Old's Drawings to Life!

What a cool thing to do for your son!

Their Instagram page “Things I Have Drawn” is quickly becoming viral!


A little boy from the United Kingdom, Dom, and his younger brother, Al, enjoy drawing together, and they often take inspiration from the things they see in their surroundings. Their father then does the coolest thing with the final results! He takes their adorable drawings, then photoshops them into real photos, bringing their drawings to life.

The “Things I Have Drawn” Instagram account has garnered around 90,000 followers and counting! Fans enjoy seeing new pictures of the creations the two boys and their father think up.

Their massive success has left the family feeling overwhelmed, as the boys’ dad said in a post, “We could never have predicted that our little project could have gained so much attention over such a short space of time. I just wanted to thank everyone so much for all the brilliant comments and support.”

I especially love how each post has a little quote or rhyming poem underneath that pertains to the drawing. Just adorable! Sometimes when I’m sitting around bored, I try to guess what each drawing is about!

This first photo is of the Shard, a building Al drew whilst in London.

“Al loves tall buildings, but one thing is clear, We live in a village — there are no skyscrapers here,Surely us finding a tower’s not hard, So we went down to London, Oh look — there’s the Shard!”

via Instagram / @thingsihavedrawn

The Shard is the fourth tallest building in all of Europe. It used to be called the London Bridge Tower.

“Here’s the real Shard stretching up to the sky, Dad says he thinks it’s 95 storeys high, It’s all made of glass — just look at those windows, Al’s good but he couldn’t have drawn all of those.”

via Instagram / @thingsihavedrawn

Al’s take on a frog.

“It’s Alistair’s turn, so here is his frog, Or is it a green and yellowy dog? Perhaps it’s a lizard with a really small head, Enough guessing — let’s wait for the photo instead…”

via Instagram / @thingsihavedrawn

Here is the dad’s unbelievably cute recreation.

“Al says he found this by the side of the road, It isn’t a frog — he thinks it’s a toad, But frogs are all slimy and toad skin is rough, (If I tell Al he’s wrong, he’ll get in a huff).”

via Instagram / @thingsihavedrawn