This Artists Creates Amazing Illustrations Showing Everyday Women Struggles

How many can you relate to?

From yoga problems to unrealistic expectations and makeup fails…

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Life has its ups and downs, but Cassandra Calin makes sure we can squeeze a laugh out of it! The artist, who is also a graphic designer, turned our pesky daily struggles into hilarious comic strips. Trust me, you’ll relate to a few of these!

1. Struggles with your zen

I can only fin my zen during yoga if I happen to fall asleep during Shavasana.
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2. Beach body

Because who doesn’t love peeling off patches of their skin after a week of utter pain and redness?

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3. I just hate when this part of the year comes along…

There really is nothing more flattering on a woman that that ratty old t-shirt you wore through the 90’s.

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4. Trying to get that beauty sleep…

It’s best not to look in the mirror for at least 3 hours after waking up. No one needs to see all that right after waking up.

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5. When you catch yourself in that good light.

Just don’t disappoint yourself with a monstrous selfie…

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6. When you try that terrible advice from Cosmo

Who doesn’t love hair in their mouth?
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7. When there’s only time for just barely surviving.

Once during finals week in my senior year, I could have sworn the librarians were debating whether I went to school there or was a homeless guy trying to escape the cold.

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8.  This paradise comes with a cost.

What doesn’t in a woman’s world?

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9. It’s like they wait until we mess up at least once…

Apparently it’s a requirement to screw up at least one nail before the rest begin to dry.

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10. Next step: no pants

Ever since I discovered tights I can never go back to these lower-body death traps.

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11. Did you know that doctor’s recommend at least one burger a week?

Neither did I, but it sounds like it should be a thing…

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12. Nothing worse than shopping problems

Either you get a top that fits but is only available in the wonderful vomit-green, or you find a shirt that’ll be a perfect fit for your left thigh and nothing more.

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13. The dreaded hair monster that lives in your drain

I tried to blame it on my roommate shaving in the shower…

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14. Hair straightening

This is 75% of the reason why I hate going out.

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15. When you have no choice but to sit with your thoughts…

An evening without WiFi is 3rd world-esque.

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16. When you didn’t take the time to spot-shine the mirror.

Just what are those spots from?

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17. The dreaded liquid eyeliner

It’s the difference between a classy Audrey Hepburn, and an original Amy Winehouse.

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