This Adorable Bulldog Eats His Blueberries Using A Fork And Looks Like An Absolute Queen

Don’t you wish you loved something as much as this pup loves blueberries?

You see those people who call their pets their “babies,” however this ridiculously spoiled French bulldog’s love for eating blueberries like a princess brings things up to a completely new level…


Maybe it’s because of her chubby face or super fork-using skills, but her owner has been wrapped around this pup’s paws in a ridiculous way.

We’re all working, paying bills and trying to survive, while this little one sits in her stroller and eats fresh fruit like a boss.

The one thing that’s missing is the crown, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it was sitting nearby.

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“Sure, I’ll take another blueberry. After that, I’ll be ready for my nap please!”

If only everyone could trade lives with this crazy bulldog, even if it were for a couple of days!