This Abandoned Adorable Baby Koala's Story Will Make You Smile

You won’t believe how cute the little koala is!

Encountering the human world can be quite a scary experience for animals.


A young koala was discovered roaming in a neighborhood in Australia. The frightened little animal was trying to avoid the hot sun.

The lost bear was rescued and taken to the Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital, and it was discovered that she was suffering from pink-eye. Fortunately, this was completely curable.

The koala, who was female, was given the name Lucy. The amazing people at the hospital, which was established by the late and great Steve Irwin, worked tirelessly to get Lucy well.

However, before she was released back to the wild, she became a viral sensation! Employees uploaded pictures of Lucy on the internet and the photos were an instant hit, with scores of people around the world falling in love with Lucy!

The video below will also make you fall in love with this adorable baby koala!

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