They Asked A Foster Child What He Wished For, He Then Wrote A List That Will Break Your Heart

After you read this, you will want to get up and do something about it right away…

Unfortunately, children who end up in foster care often deal with the most heartbreaking challenges you couldn’t possibly imagine…

In a lot of these cases, the children came from instability, uncertainty, and often times violence. They never know what is going to happen next.

This is exactly why this wish list that one young boy in foster care wrote will tug at your heartstrings so strongly.

The letter, posted by Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, an advocacy group, was originally written by an anonymous little guy in the Oklahoma foster care system.

The note outlines many of the challenges and ups or downs of his life thus far, and allowed him to express what he hopes to happen with his future foster families, and hopefully, ultimately his forever home.

His shocking wish list goes on to reveal many internal struggles as well as the traumas children would prefer not to reveal to grown-ups, especially if they aren’t particularly trustworthy adults.

However the unknown child has fared and wherever he is now, everyone who reads this letter hopes that he gets the goodness and relief that he deserves!

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Facebook / Dreamcatchers for Abused Children

The organization Dreamcatchers for Abused Children posted this “foster care wish list” on their Facebook page in the summer of 2015, however the words in the letter are more important and relevant than ever.

Next to the copy of the letter, the organization wrote: “This is a wish list from an Oklahoma foster child…..When we think of how bad we have things, we MUST always remember the children who have nothing. Who NEED us.”

Their images and powerful words spread through social media like fire, and were shared by thousands of people who hoped to spread this child’s strong handwritten message.

Facebook / Dreamcatchers for Abused Children

Be warned: some of the content in the note may be considered disturbing to some readers. The letter contains a few descriptions of child abuse.

The note read:

Things I want in my family.

I want food and water.

Don’t hit on me.

A house with running water and lights.

I want love.  

Mom and Dad don’t fight.

I want no drugs.

Don’t kill my pets.

Wikimedia Commons

Help with school.

Nice clean clothes.

No lice. No bug in house.

Clean house. Clean bed with covers.

Don’t sell my toys.

Treated fair.

Don’t get drunk.

TV in house.

Let me keep my games.

School stuff.

Nice shoes.

My own comb.


Nice house and safe.

AC and heater.




The young boy’s words leave everyone who dares to read them with a broken heart and strong reality check.

Many of us can’t possibly imagine what children in foster care must feel as the majority of people have never been in the system and can’t appreciate how complex it is.

Of course, we can’t deny that there are in fact many amazing foster parents that exist out there, but the bad apples are the ones you have to worry about. There are children in the world that go from one abusive household to the next, year after year.

Meanwhile, caseworkers are overloaded with large numbers of children to keep an eye on. Even those who are extremely dedicated to their jobs and have the utmost love in their hearts can’t possibly manage dozens upon dozens of cases at the same time. The system is the biggest problem here.

Wikimedia Commons

These are the reasons why it has become increasingly important for people to do everything it takes to support those in the foster care system, especially the children who haven’t stopped traveling from one home to another for years upon years, often throughout their entire lives.

This is also why it is also important to continue to cheer on the good foster parents, dedicated caseworkers, and groups or organizations that back them up.

If you personally are able to donate your time or even a few dollars to organizations such as CASA or advocacy groups such as Dreamcatchers, you don’t even know how much of a difference you can make in the lives of children in the system.

Facebook / Together We Rise

With just a bit of luck and tons of hard work, everyone can do their part to help turn these heartbreaking foster wish lists into happy endings for these poor young children who just want a family who will love them for the rest of their lives.

Look up these organizations for more information about how to do your role and help these kids out!