These Weird Photos Will Leave You Intensely Curious

You’ll ponder the question ‘why?’ for hours on end.

They often say a picture is worth a thousand words. What they never say is what those words are. In some cases, those words are actually questions. Weird, I know. These pictures will elaborate.

The 2018 BMW Donkey series…

Imgur | KevlonDon

When you think you’re Vin Diesel.

Imgur | mychairiscomfy

I have dizziness now.

Imgur | SickOfFeelingNumb

America in one picture…


Why Chicago lost.

Imgur | mortenge

What even…

reddit | Iheartdragonsmore

Invincible goose.

Imgur | BeccaJG21

The supermarket is a dangerous place.

Imgur | silentheartonline

DIY hot cup massage.

Imgur | Penguillion

Happiness can, in fact, cure some things…

Imgur | mattythepaul


Imgur | ReallyOldGuy

Oooh, bendy.

Imgur | Vailenaa


Imgur | epicnesshunter

When the dinner turns into a rock concert.

Imgur | zombiehotel

“But your advertisement called for a DOG walker!”

Imgur | flylikeabeagle

Why Boston transcends all.

reddit | ARemarkableRedditor

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