These Photos Are #ParentGoals You'll Want To Have!

Just as long as you ignore that the children will resent you one day because of them…

Most kids underestimate everything their parents do for them. As they get older, they start to understand just how hard it is to be an adult and finally notice that their parents aren’t so bad after all. These parents, however, are going above and beyond in their quest to win the “Best Mom” and “Best Dad” trophies.

This dad is so badass! He teaches his daughter how girls don’t always need saving, and women can be the heroes too!

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If only crying worked with our landlords too…

Instagram | @miinute

This dad knows what’s up.

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“…now I drive a minivan.”

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Nothing makes you hate your sibling less than being attached to them…

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Now save this picture until he gets older and you’ll have blackmail for life…

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Mom so good you gotta punch people in the face.


This dad is just way too precious!

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Damn…that’s some dedication..


“Adopt me.”

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These girls will burn every short pair of shorts in the house after this…

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Now that’s an artist’s crib…or the crib of an extremely terrified child.

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Lucky man has a wife hooking him up from abroad…

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She definitely has a point. Well done!

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This mom will get stuff done real fast.

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Dads who go to their daughter’s tea parties are real men!

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Let’s hear it for these awesome parents!