These People Have Hearts Made Of Stone

These people are too sassy

Hearts of stone are very common these days. Humans are increasingly and hilariously becoming cold blooded on the internet. This has caused some of the most amazing responses out there!

Sass is key.

Instagram | @weshouldbreakup

What even…

Instagram | @weshouldbreakup

That mom doesn’t give a damn.

Instagram | @black.tom.brady


Twitter | @OJTheKing

Well, it’s hot and it has bubbles.


Photoshop is a lifesaver.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Sibling rivalry.

Instagram | @will_ent

Planning ahead, nice!

Reddit | reasonable-doubt


Twitter | @Dory

He’s spot on of course!

Instagram | @hoedity

How to keep your man.

Instagram | @kalesalad



Poor Wyatt…

Twitter | @errikkxa

Too much fire!

Instagram | @yearbooktweet

Take a hint!

Twitter | @KrissiScribbles

Eye for an eye?

Twitter | @ellabandzzzz

That’s a jerk move.

Reddit | Ayylmao76


Instagram | @prankcandles

Thank you for the clarification.

Instagram | @weshouldbreakup

A garbageman’s revenge.

Instagram | @hoedity

That’s harsh.

Real Funny


Instagram | @kalesalad

Haha she’s a keeper.

Twitter | miketphotog

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