These People Are The Epitome Of Jealousy

Here come the crazies!

Jealousy. It’s one of the most powerful emotions felt by humans. It’s that red hot feeling in your gut that makes you seethe inside.

This is a collection of people who let that rage burn through!

I feel you, bro.

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Instagram | @bink304

Oh wow, we’ve got a crazy one here…

No Way Girl

What a weirdo.

Meme Super

We’ve got another one here!

Twitter | @ADrlacic11

Way to be jealous of your mom.

No Way Girl

Straight up aggressive.

Twitter | @g_dynamo


Twitter | @ygselena


Reddit | jordendsampson

The queen of them all.

Reddit | ayupbecca

But it’s such a pretty car!

Twitter | @Kwall219

His answer lol!

Twitter | @pullgodess

What even…

Instagram | @jeveryday90

Get a handle on it, Siri!

Reddit | mike_pants

He’s planning his revenge.

Twitter | @juliie240

Drop her, now!

Instagram | @crazygfsbelike


Instagram | @its_my_perogative

Crossing the line.

Instagram | @crazygfsbelike

What I would give NOT to have a sister like that.

Twitter | @callabrugmans

Seen this happen myself as well… true story.

Meme Guy


Reddit | sombrabrz

Holy hell.

Twitter | @status

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