These Hilarious Pictures Of Pets Taking Baths Will Do You Some Good

These are so funny!

Baths can mean very different things for our pets. Some are indifferent while others either absolutely love or completely abhor the idea. The funny thing is, you don’t know how your pet is going to react until you plunge them in your tub, and their reactions are always worth remembering. Here are a few pictures we found to commemorate the tradition.

That first bath changes you.


Can’t really decide how he feels.


Pre-bath photo op.


Nothing is forgiven.




What is that?

Inga Ko

5 seconds in…

Danielle Goti

Isn’t bath time the best?

Caitlyn McCracken

Nothing could be worse.


Aww yeah.

Jones Griffon

This is just the cutest.

Colleen Hennessy

Even the dark crusaders need cleansing.


When you love bath time so much you do it yourself.

Paulina Mata

Very unique (and funny) reaction.

Andrea Borgmom

This injustice will never be forgotten.

Muran Muran

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