These Golden Retriever Heros Practically Run Their Disabled Owner's Farm, You Just Need To See How They Do It!

These pups may be some of the smartest dogs in the world!

Golden retrievers don’t just take the prize in loyalty, but they’re also some of the most intelligent breeds out there…


Kath Outerson, a Shepherdess, along with Paul, her partner, moved out of their Scottish farm on the Isle of Man, and across the world to live in New Zealand once Kath had been diagnosed with a condition called Bell’s Palsy more than a 10 years ago.

While a few people that get the disease suffer from temporary symptoms, it was different for Kath, who is often debilitated by her declining hearing, sight, and speech, and frequent horrible back pain that prevented her from carrying her farm duties.

Today, though, she receives more than Paul’s helpful hands when taking care of chores and errands in their smaller farm on the island.

With an adorable group of a whopping 6 golden retrievers always standing by her, Kath is able to rely on the pack to take care of just about everything on the farm, from bottle-feeding baby sheep, to taking out the laundry.

Not to mention these helpful guys do it with a smile on their face and happy wagging tails! Watch the video below and see these adorable heroes in action!

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