These Cute Quintuplets Have The Cutest Reaction When Their Dad Blows Out His Candles

You simply have to see this adorable video

We’ve got another great video to share with you today. This time, you’re going to melt at the sight of these adorable quintuplet girls when they see their dad blowing out his birthday candles!


Birthdays are always a special moment, and it’s definitely best to spend them with your family. That way, everyone can come together and share their love and emotions. If you have family by your side, you don’t even need any fancy gifts or parties, because love is all that matters.

This dad, Buzz, was recently celebrating a special birthday, as it was the first time he was able to spend the day with all six of his daughters.

His wife decided to film the classic moment when Buzz blew out his birthday cake candles.

Well, the girls’ reaction isn’t quite what you might expect. Instead of laughing or screaming, they start to cry!

It’s an adorable, priceless moment, and we encourage you to check it out and SHARE it on social media.