These Couples Are So Cute They'll Make You Jealous

Are you crying already?

The first love is too pure and about as good as it gets. Most of us have them as our high school muse, or a neighbor whose mum brought in treats all the time, and he/she used to tag along. It’s etched into your mind forever. Be it prom, or a random movie date, you remember stories of your first time together like the back of your hand. While many loves are  temporary, some are there to stay for as long as life itself.

Charm status: constant.

Pembe List

Who needs vampire blood, when you’ve got love to keep you young.

Warren’s Place

Prom queen to wife!

Quotes Gram Wedinator

Ten years down, their game still upping.

All Viral Posts

Always there to help him out.

Most Happy

A special spot.

Johnny Wolf Photography

Thirty one years and those love eyes still beam bright.

Rainbow In The Puddle

This is where we met and this where we still stay.

Twitter | @ashleyfurnandez

Age is just a number.


Passion that doesn’t see a pause.

Crowd Social

Carefree teens to responsible homies.

imgur | Marcum21

“And darling I will be loving you til we’re 70.”

The Chive

Oh I think that I found myself a cheerleader.

We Heart It

She is always right there when I need her… and always will be!

Lohud The Journal News | Tania Savayan

Love for life.

Huffington Post Lauren Glatthorn

They like weddings.


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