These Are 16 Of The Coolest Blue Nails For The Real Ice Queen In You

You’ll give a whole new meaning to the term “frosted tips”.

Cool blue is just the perfect winter color!

It’s icy, light, and absolutely in-fashion at the moment. Here are some fun ways to use these icy blue designs for your next look!

There are so many to choose from, so choose your favorite and go crazy!

1. The Bling and Ice Blue Mani

These sparkles and gems definitely enhance the polish’s icy effect.

Instagram | @acrylicbeauty_cyc

2. The Snowflake Mani

These cool blue nails have details of dark shades of icy blue and tiny snowflake gems.

Instagram | @minnyang_._

3. A Tropical Winter Mani

This turquoise blue mani has the perfect combination of a summery blue and wintery ice. Just perfect for a winter vacation.

Instagram | @giada_olly

4. The Classy Sweater Mani

Combining an icy blue with a pastel finish and a perfectly paired sweater accent is absolutely gorgeous!

Instagram | @nicole_nails_lashes

5. The Ice Accent

All blue, all day, with a gorgeous accent design and a gem to top it all off!

Instagram | @k.kay.nail

6. The Icy Swirl Mani

Silver and blue are the stars of this show!

Instagram | @molly_lf

7. Basic Ice Blue Mani

This mani goes to show that basic isn’t bad at all!

Instagram | @philpeejewellers

8. The Iced Stardust Mani

This glittery blue will have your nails looking like ice cubes!

Instagram | @acrylicbeauty_cyc

9. Ice Blue and Pink Ombre

Pink is a perfect contrast to this bubble-gum icy blue.

Instagram | @ingrid.savelski

10. Blue Dipped Ice Mani

Who doesn’t love sparkly tips?

Instagram | @lilianradana

11. This Aqua Ice Mani

Foil accents top off this great look.

Instagram | @naturalnails530

12. The Icy Winter Mani

This mani is absolutely gorgeous with its intricate and elegant design overlays.

Facebook | Nail Art Journal

13. The Almond-Ice Mani

Cool blue is perfect for your almond-shaped nails!

Instagram | @thinkpositive_n

14. The Dark Icy Sparkle Mani

These work for any night out!

Instagram | @the_beauty_company

15. The “Ice, Ice, Baby” Mani

This design proves just how much color and shape can work together to give you an awesome look! Use a soft color but an edgier shape to give you the perfect look.

Instagram | @cutecoolnails

16. The Frozen Marble Mani

This will be your favorite! A blend of many icy blues topped off with a brush of sparkles is absolutely beautiful.

Instagram | @kiara_richardson93

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