These 9 Signs Can Indicate A Serious Health Problem You Can't Ignore

Be informed and make sure to always get yourself checked if you suspect anything.

It is important to recognize the signs of a serious health condition…

Make sure you don’t ignore the following changes in your body:

1. The whites of your eyes, or your sclera, changing color.


It should always be pure white, with the occasional normal redness. Discoloration may be a sign of a mild condition, like a cold or even a lack of sleep, but sometime it can indicate something more life-threatening, like jaundice, liver disease, high blood pressure, and more.

2. Gray hair too early in life.


How gray you get at and what age you begin to gray is entirely up to your genetics. However, in certain cases, having more than 50% of your hair turn gray before the age of 30 can be a sign of diabetes.

3. New moles.


Many moles can be harmless, however if more show up, you could be damaging your skin due to overexposure from the sun.

4. Constant chapped lips.


No matter how much we moisturize, our delicate lips can get chapped from too much sun or wind exposure. However if this happens randomly, it could mean that you are zinc or vitamin B deficient.

5. Overly red palms.


Red palms indicate eczema, dermatitis, or even an unknown allergic reaction.

6. Losing eyebrow hair.


Suddenly losing the hair on your eyebrows can indicate an under- or over-active thyroid.

7. Constant cold feet.


Cold feet might be an indicator of Reynaud’s disease, an autoimmune syndrome that causes your hands or feet to be numb and cold after tightening of the vessels in your appendages.

8. Very red cheeks.


Rosy cheeks signal hormonal changes, especially regarding women between the ages of 30-55. Sometimes, though, it’s an indication of Rosacea, a condition of the skin that can only affect women.

9. Nails changing.


Changes in any of your nails can be signs of changes in your body internally. It can signal liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, or cardiovascular disease.

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