These 9 Dolls From The 50s And 60s Will Send You Down Memory Lane

Check out these dolls from times gone by

Back in the 50s and 60s, dolls dominated the toys that kids played with. This article will cover 9 of the best and most famous dolls from that period.

Do you ever experience nostalgia and wish you could go back to your younger days? Surely you get those sorts of feelings when you go digging through your old belongings. They may not be in mint condition, but nothing can replace the priceless memories you have with your toys.

Dolls actually represent some of the toys that reside closest to people’s hearts. Many people even call their dolls their friends because they do everything together! Many little girls and boys even talk to their dolls and share their secrets with them.

The 50s and 60s had their fair share of amazing and unforgettable dolls. The sort of technology we have today just wasn’t around back then, so people turned to things like dolls to have fun. Some of those dolls stood out more than others.

Take a look at our list of these 9 classic dolls. We’re sure you will have heard of some of them. You may have even found yourself playing with a few of them!

1. Chatty Cathy

Flickr / Rochelle LockridgeFlickr / Rochelle Lockridge

Chatty Cathy Emerged in 1959 and was just behind Barbie in terms of popularity in the early 60s.

2. Tiny Tears

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Tiny Tears made her appearance in 1950 and, as her name suggest, she was actually capable of crying tears (made from water). She also had a famous sleepy eye feature.