These 8 Hollywood Heartthrobs Actually Used To Look Super Dorky!

Their transformations are shocking!

One of the best parts of the internet is being able to look at celebrity childhood photos! Of course, you also get to look at Hollywood hunks after they’re all grown up and flexing their abs, but it’s nice to see that many of them started off looking like complete dorks! You’ll be shocked at these transformations, and it’s fun when you try to guess each one before you see what they look like now!

1. Does this little guy look like a god to you?

Lipstick Alley

Chris Hemsworth as Thor definitely does!


2. How about this goofy grin?

Daily Mail

I’m sure you could look at Ryan Reynolds’ mug any time!

Mens Health

3. Maybe the ears on this Sci-Fi hotty will give him away…

Reddit | Phrunkis3

Although Adam Driver definitely grew into them!

tumblr | moral-obesity

4. He already wants to be an action star!

Channing Tatum Unwrapped

Channing Tatum definitely enjoyed his fair share of the action!


5. Would you mess with this crazy looking teen?

Twitter | @JoeManganiello

You won’t mind messing with Joe Manganiello though!

Socialite Lfe

6. The dorky smile…the crimped hair…who could this be?

Daily Mail

Thankfully Zac Efron ditched the old look, and replaced it with…well, God’s gift to women.


7. He was brooding and smoldering at such a young age!


Kit Harington certainly perfected that face!

Twitter | gamofphoto

8. Who is this little blondie, blue-eyed young man?

Movie Stars Picture

Oh, just Chris Evans! If only young Chris knew he would be Captain America one day!

tumblr | shakeit-chrisevans

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