These 23 Shameless People Just Don't Care

Not an ounce of shame can be detected in any of these photos.

The coolest people you know are those that really don’t care. You know who they are- the ones that show up late, class clowns, those people who try to annoy the boss. You can’t forget everyone’s favorite: the ones who have no shame or filter on social media!

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1. The point of the semester at which you don’t even bother anymore…

Reddit | espnzone


Twitter | @garyfromteenmom

3. Why wipe it off when you can just vacuum it?

Instagram | @paigeebarkerr

4. Hey, Dads are a credible source for research!

Twitter | @gothistani

5. Who can blame Gordon? Raisins suck.

Twitter | @d3llo

6. Just what she wanted.

Instagram | @will_ent

7. “Late to board your flight? Should’ve gotten here sooner.”

Reddit | djTrip9

8. Poor Bob doesn’t need this in his life.

Twitter | @chaoticcneutral

9.  This guy knows what’s up.

Instagram | @hoedity

10. “Well, it got in my way.”

Reddit | DandieGuy

11. Clearly he couldn’t find his suspenders.


12. The best part is that she really tagged him…

Instagram | @trashyqueen_

13. The best of friends would rather be honest than care about your feelings…

Instagram | @kalesalad

14. Umm…what did you want her to say??

Reddit | firedrag10

15. Dude just did not care.

Reddit | Giovani_Salami

16. “You might fool others, but not me!”

Reddit | kylestephens54

17. Man…he really didn’t sugarcoat things did he?

Instagram | @kalesalad

18. Now what are these for?

Twitter | @djbewbz

19. Girl apparently really loves Popeye’s.

Instagram | @will_ent

20. This is just too awful…

Reddit | dicahprihoe

21. The award for Most Spiteful Mom goes to…

Instagram | @kalesalad

22. You do what you want Grandma…

Reddit | Dr_Goat

23. Do YOU.

Reddit | TheEpicestDerp