These 23 Differences Between Women And Men Are Hilariously On Point

It’s a tale as old as time…but still as funny as ever!

It’s a known fact that women and men have a few major differences. Let’s celebrate these funny differences and have a laugh!

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1. Things just got serious…

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2. He doesn’t like her music, but at least he’s supportive!

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3. Some people love to travel. Others, not so much…

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4. She hinted at getting a Golden Retriever. She probably should have been more specific. Men can be too literal!

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5. This is why men don’t understand the struggle that is the women’s queue for the bathroom.

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6. Girls really care how their license picture turns out; guys tend to care less…

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7. This what happens when your girl travels for the holidays!

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8. She told him to send her flowers. So he sent her flours.

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9. They told her fishing was a guy’s sport!

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10. Can you guess who packed her lunch today?

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11. A guy’s idea of a romantic wine and cheese platter…

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12. This is what happens when you ask your boyfriend to take the cat to be groomed…

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13. Women like to crack jokes too, they all seem to have mastered that sarcastic humor.

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14. Some women don’t take cosplay too seriously (and that’s truly okay).

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15. Women rarely ever clear out their handbags, but whenever they do, you can be sure to find an ancient artifact or two!

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16. At least shes cheering for your team (even if she has no idea what’s going on).

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17. At least hes trying to be romantic!

Reddit | Buttcheekbeats

18. Its not just a man thing, these are impossible to fold.

Reddit | Cradnee

19. Size isn’t always everything.

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20. She will always want to cuddle, even if you don’t!

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21. When in doubt just remember: cuteness always trumps efficiency.

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22. How guys prank their girlfriends…

Reddit | amosfargus

23. And how girls prank their boyfriends…

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