These 20 Adorable Cats Were Just Born For The Fame

These adorable furry ones will make you laugh your way over to the nearest shelter to get a cat of your own!

We at Allteresting are completely convinced that cats can be endless sources of pure fun. They bring laughter, joy, and love to any home, and even manage to cheer people up on their most gloomy of days…

So what else is there to do than compile list upon list of the fluffiest, silliest, or most spoiled of these furry companions? Here are 20 of the best cats the internet has to offer.

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1. “Forget that bunny slipper, look at me!”


2. “My cat saw the kids playing on it, and now she keeps meowing until you rock her too.”

© rc1honda/

3. This slick cat chewed herself an armrest.

© FranktheDork

4. The perfect new neighbors!

© HF_Blade/

5. This cat’s face after her owner found her hoarding stash.

© jasonripp/

6. Forget that $100 new luxury cat bed, this cardboard box will do.


7. This cat looks like he is summoning demons from the deepest parts of hell.

© jaker2343/

8. Cat sitting on his iPad, just chilling in a yurt…nope, not spoiled at all.

© jdeko/

9. Cattery is 100% charged.

© markthomasking/

10. Spot the cat!

© cewallace9/

11. A vicious attack.

© SomeGuy8010/

12. This cat’s first vet visit = his first full existential crisis.

© CatStoleMyPancake/

13. “I don’t own a cat. He just jumped into my car and wouldn’t let me leave without him. Is this how you get a cat?”

© AfroCircuit/

14. Looks like someone needs to lose a bit of weight.

© lexicakes/reddit

15. This owner accidentally kicked over the cat’s milk, but didn’t have any more to replace it with. He then sat in front of him when he was eating dinner and just stared at him like this:

© Matind/

16. How long will they be able to keep this up?

© blevins113/

17. This cat’s shocked face after the owner meowed back.

© realtalk505/

18. His Royal Highness The Cat!

© groovydave810/

19. How cats feel about snow.

© DrWhoodles/

20. And finally, this guy…