These 18 Savage Breakup Messages Are Just Too Funny

You don’t even need to feel bad about it, these brought laughs to thousands!

Many people have experienced, or witnessed, a terrible breakup before. Some even got the displeasure of a breakup over text message. When it happens, it feels like your world is ending…

How would it not? You thought this person  cared so deeply for you, but they ended up ripping your heart from your chest and stomping all over it within 140 measly characters or a quick text message.

However, there’s a bright side. Time really does heal all, and you eventually learn to get over it, jump right back up on that saddle, and love again. Even better- sometimes you can go back to the brutal messages, take a screenshot, and share your ex’s douchebaggery with the world. Hey, at least you’re making people laugh!

Hopefully the following photos don’t give you any post-breakup PTSD, but you’re likely to find some that were way worse than yours. Keep scrolling and get ready for a laugh!

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1. When they make an imaginary city just to dump you.



2. This person is brutal.

Instagram | @textsfromyourex

3. Be careful what you say on text messages…

4. The perfect metaphor.


5. Clearly it takes three times to get the hint…


6. You’re not heartbroken enough apparently…

Instagram | @nochill

7. This chick seems like she’s in on it…


8. Whoops!


9. Fair enough.


10. Trying to sugarcoat it clearly doesn’t work. Or maybe he’s celebrating?

Instagram | @unilad

11. Wait…what?

Instagram | @textsfromyourex

12. Um…that’s a bit overboard, don’t you think?

Instagram | @textsfromyourex

13. Sorry doesn’t cut it this time.


14. As long as you know it in your heart, it’s all good.

Instagram | @textsfromyourex

15. So how’s next Friday?

Instagram | @itsnotfunny_its_savage

16. Let’s get down to the important stuff.


17. That’s harsh!

Instagram | @textsfromyourex

18. Yeahhhh…he’s out.