These 18 People Definitely Didn't Think It Through Before Making Some Terrible Decisions

The following people made some of the biggest mistakes of their lives, and it was all out of pure stubbornness.

Who doesn’t agree that life could really do with an undo button?

At least give us a function where your mother’s voice suddenly appears and tells you, “Do you really think you should do this?” Everyone will agree that answer is typically NO, however for unknown reasons, humans are just terrible at controlling their impulses, especially when it comes to making split-second choices.

Of course, for the sake of hilarious photos on the internet, following your gut may result in some truly funny situations that can bring out laughter, joy, and a bit of pity from people all over the world. There’s nothing we love more than that! So by all means, go on and do you.

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1. You never really hear of seagulls being aggressive, but it looks like they’re about to be.

reddit | midnight333233

2. Hey if life gives you lemons, go around town terrifying young children.

Imgur | adoradandy

3. Actually…that’ll work.

reddit | nukayon