These 17 Hilarious Pics Will Brighten Up Your Day

Feeling blue this dreary winter? Take a look!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

Most of us are just getting back to work after the holidays, and probably feeling more depressed than ever. Post-holiday season is just the worst, like one long and awful hangover. Here’s a list of some hilarious incidents that are sure to put on smile on your face. Cheer up!

1. Did I make first place?

via Instagram / @daquan

2. I wish I were this patriotic…

via reddit / ObsessiveRaptorNoise

3. Instant homie connection.

via Instagram / @nochill

4. Anyone feel me?

via Twitter / @BruhhhComedy

5. Like they say, if you want to accomplish absolutely nothing, start a group chat with your friends.

via Instagram / @unilad

6. Just kidding…

via reddit / Wings_Of_Kynareth

7. ‘Merica!

via reddit / chalvy1234

8. Whoops!

via reddit / ChoppyGamer

9. A little too late…

via Instagram / @theladbible

10. Suddenly become deep and poetic.

via Instagram / @tank.sinatra

11. Go ahead, give it a try.

via reddit / DKDreamsYT

12. Probably the only worthless book out there.

via reddit / ClarkTheCoder

13. Most graphic designers will probably just ignore the boring sign.

via reddit / nathys12345

14. Fair enough!

via reddit / JoeTeaAndThePartyMix

15. Pokemon Go in reality.

via reddit / Just_call_me_daddy21

16. Every damn year…

via reddit / brianketters

17. Perfect way to lose a bet.

via Instagram / @_theblessedone

Main Image via reddit / chalvy1234

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