These 16 Teachers Make School Worth Attending

You’ll wish you could go back to school with teachers like these!

As we all know, you don’t just learn academics in school, but life lessons as well. If these were my teachers, I would have concentrated way more in class and maybe even learned a few extra things. Here are some of our favorite funny teachers from the all over the Internet!

1. How can I help you?

via reddit / mjohnson125

2. The Bermuda Triangle Award.

via reddit / [deleted]

3. Better not forget your pencil then…or do it on purpose!

via Imgur / CrowleyMoomin

4. Tasty, tasty tears.

via Tumblr / tastefullyoffensive

5. Just in case school doesn’t work out for you.

via Oddee

6. And it wasn’t even Halloween.

via reddit / Tredid

7. The funniest calculus teacher you’ll find.

via Imgur / amazingthing

8. What a legendary staff photo!

via reddit / giantbfg

9. He gave them all low scores.

via Instagram / @wallflower.stepstool

10. This teacher just won’t be fooled by her students.

via reddit / IdanTs

11. Dear students.

via reddit / whats_the_diehl

12. The best way to protest!

via reddit / it_roll

13. An English teacher and also a yogi.

via hahastop

14. Students always remembered to make appointments after this.

via reddit / Tmac131

15. Who wouldn’t want to be assigned homework like this?

via reddit / atropicalbar

16. Despicable students!

via reddit / yaomingman

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