These 16 Short Horror Films Will Keep You Up All Night!

These YouTube shorts will scare you good

If you feel like being spooked in less than 20 minutes, these short horror films are all you need.

1. Bedfellows (2 minutes)

When a phone call wakes a woman up in the middle of the night, she makes a terrifying discovery.

2. Unknown Number (7 minutes)

When constant calls from an unknown number keep annoying a girl late at night, she realizes she’s not alone.

3. Vicious (12 minutes)

Arriving home late one night, a woman finds her door open. What is it that has occupied her house?

4. The Smiling Man (7 minutes)

Home alone, a little girl comes across her worst nightmare.

5. The Cop Cam (2 minutes)

A terrifying POV film about a cop entering an abandoned house.

6. Night Night Nancy (4 minutes)

Woken up by a text message in the middle of the night, a girl finds out somebody has been taking pictures of her while she was sleeping.

7. Mr Creak (3 minutes)

An old toy house becomes a woman’s worst nightmare as she discovers the horrible story of Mr. Creak.

8. Clickbait (4 minutes)

Unknown to her, a girl faces horrific consequences while browsing the internet.

9. Victim (14 minutes)

Based on the story of Slender Man, a boy is haunted by the appearances of a pale figure in a black suit.

10. Passenger (3 minutes)

Finding a spot on a quiet road, a driver pulls over to sleep for the night. Then he hears a knocking on his window.

11. Downstairs (17 minutes)

When a new security guard starts his night shift, he has just one instruction from his colleague: Don’t go downstairs.

12. Attic Panic (2 minutes)

A woman realizes that there’s something spooky up in her attic.

13. Charlie (16 minutes)

What happens when you break the cycle of chain mails and the myth comes true?

14. Occupied (5 minutes)

A bathroom break goes horribly wrong for a guy working a late night shift.

15. Rake (14 minutes)

A group of friends celebrate their graduation by camping in the desert. But they have no idea what is waiting for them in the dark.

16. I Heard It Too (8 minutes)

A mother puts her daughter to bed, and then they hear an eerie voice calling out to the girl.

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