These 16 Pictures Show Why Women Tend To Out-Live Their Men

Some of these situations will make you wonder how they haven’t already succumbed to one of their stupid decisions!

The battle of the sexes is an age-old argument that has yet to be resolved…

Reddit | FredrikLokka

However, there’s one side of that argument that’s indisputable, women live longer. Whatever side you support, here are sixteen life choices that prove the countless reasons why women tend to live longer than their male counterparts.

1. This man is a real team player!

Reddit | augenwiehimmel

2. No safety net. No construction cones. Just an extra hand on a flimsy ladder and a dude with his laptop. Seems safe enough.

Reddit | JoeGlenS

3. Missing a door? All you need is some cardboard and tape and you’re good to go! Lets hope it will last the ride!

Reddit | Giant_Midgets

4. This is real team effort, one slip and they’re all goners!

Reddit | jagershotzz

5. This home was built with plywood, a few screws, and an unbelievable ability to balance on one leg.

Reddit | GatoLocoSupremeRuler

6. Well, that’s definitely the least safe way of getting those windows squeaky clean.

Reddit | b_gilliums

7. Don’t have a leveled platform for your 12 ft ladder? That’s OK, this guy will balance it all over his shoulders.

Reddit | venomae

8. We all wish we had friends like these when it comes time to move out of your old place.

Reddit | Vasco_da_Gamba

9. Who needs a ladder when you can balance over a swinging door on your tip-toes? Incredibly talented, or ridiculously stupid? You decide.

Reddit | SarahEnjel

10. A fear of heights is no match for this working man!

Reddit | TK-420ne

11. Always make sure your feet are fully submerged in anonymous water when working on a fuse box, says this expert.

Reddit | tomparker

12. At least the sign he’s balancing on says “Caution”. That should do the trick!

Reddit | xrri

13. This guy is taking danger to a whole new level!

Reddit | Helloimnic

14. Maybe don’t stand directly under a very heavy hanging object…

Reddit | FredrikLokka

15. Scaffolding that’s safely secured to the ground is for cowards!

Reddit | nautical_bob

16. These guys have got to win the Team Work Of The Year award.

Reddit | LucidFall

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