These 16 Pictures Show Why Women Tend To Out-Live Their Men

Some of these situations will make you wonder how they haven’t already succumbed to one of their stupid decisions!

The battle of the sexes is an age-old argument that has yet to be resolved…

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However, there’s one side of that argument that’s indisputable, women live longer. Whatever side you support, here are sixteen life choices that prove the countless reasons why women tend to live longer than their male counterparts.

1. This man is a real team player!

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2. No safety net. No construction cones. Just an extra hand on a flimsy ladder and a dude with his laptop. Seems safe enough.

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3. Missing a door? All you need is some cardboard and tape and you’re good to go! Lets hope it will last the ride!

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4. This is real team effort, one slip and they’re all goners!

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