These 16 Pics Will Make You Cringe So Hard You Might Black Out

Get ready for the ultimate eye-rolling session!

At a certain point in life, you can’t help but to have at least a few aspects figured out. Between deciphering which side of your face is most photogenic, to learning that you definitely don’t need to plague the world with 242 selfies in the car uploaded to an album entitled “<3<3 Love me as I am or watch me as I leave <3<3″…

With that said, everyone has had a cringeworthy moment or two…or twenty…that make you want to cut off all our hair and join a monk community somewhere in Asia. 

Many of us had the misfortune of these moments getting caught on camera. Well, apparently what doesn’t kill you with immense embarrassment will at least end up online. Here are some of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad moments:

1. When mom tags you on Facebook.

He must have looooved this.

Reddit | aupps

2. Love certainly doesn’t discriminate over height…or inability to hug.

Good old junior high dances. No one misses those.

reddit | ronjack

3. The amount of friendzoning in this picture is almost toxic.

All those guys that help girls with the guys they actually like are the world’s true heroes. They deserve their own holiday, don’t you think?

reddit | ur-nammu

4. They definitely didn’t do this for the likes….

Because they aren’t getting any.

Awkward Family Photos | Zoe

5. After you watch Zoolander a bit too much.


Reddit | cwistofu

6. A medical emergency won’t stop you from the ultimate birthday pic.

“Before you go off to the emergency room, I have to take this selfie!”

Twitter | @VeronicaRuckh

7. This girl’s only true love is cheese.

Who needs a date when you have processed cheddar?

Reddit | [deleted]

8. He just needs them to know he has it.

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than getting a pic like this.

Reddit | emlind

9. This college definitely didn’t think about how this would play out…

This could be one of the coolest, yet most embarrassing e-mail addresses on earth.

Twitter | @meganfinger

10. Edit, Edit, Edit.

Never go home without checking your day’s work thoroughly.

Reddit | IAteMy_____

11. What happened to junior high consisting of nothing but t-shirts, braces, and avoiding cooties?

My, my, how the times have changed.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

12. This couple matching will beat out all others.

The dog ain’t even mad…

Instagram | @fashiondads_

13. When the already vicious Cards Against Humanity got a bit too real.

Don’t you think he gets an auto-win for this one?

Twitter | @lancearmstrong

14. Yeah yeah, she heard you the first time.

But seriously, text me.

Reddit | Strrratton

15. If you’re going to pretend, at least do it right.

You can try to blame it on the mirror effect but…it won’t actually work here.

Reddit | jmelynnp

16. When you have your rave-face on.

“They told me it was going to be a rave…”

Reddit | hurricane4

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