These 16 Ham Recipes Will Give Your Inner Chef Some Real Holiday Cheer

Go ham or go home!

Nothing else says Christmas like spending time with family, friends…and shoving a whole lot of food into your face! The Christmas “ham vs turkey” debate has been going on for decades, maybe even centuries! While some people enjoy a nice succulent ham, others prefer the flakiness of a turkey. These 16 insanely good ham recipes will make sure to knock that turkey out cold!

1. Pineapple and Honey Glazed Ham, a Hawaiian twist!

via Wonky Wonderful

2. Brown Sugar and Dijon Mustard Glaze.

via Rock Recipes

3. This Peach and Riesling glaze will surely impress your guests!

via Real Housemoms

4. Ham with a Maple Glaze, a classic.

via My Frugal Adventures

5. Apple Glazed Ham- baked to a crisp!

via Spend with Pennies

6. The Cider Ham can be accompanied with a glass of….cider?

via Recipe Girl

7. Orange-Cranberry Glaze, a fruity delight!

via Kitch Me

8. Raspberry Mustard Ham is an exotic twist on an old favorite.

via Food Network

9. Rosemary & Marmalade Glazed Ham, just like your grandmother used to make!

via Stone Soup

10. This Garlic Baked Ham is sure to please.

via All Recipes

11. Sticky Meyer Lemon and Spice Glaze- tangy goodness!

via My Recipes

12. You just can’t go wrong with a good old smoked ham!

via Amazing Ribs

13. You’ll never believe how tasty this Coca-Cola Glaze is!

via Nigella

14. Baked Ham with a Brown Sugar, Rum and Cayenne Glaze.

via Williams-Sonoma

15. This Beer-Braised Ham will just melt in your mouth.

1 via Ricardo Cuisine

16. Red Wine Braise, another tender technique!

via PBS

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