These 16 Dads Have Officially Solved Parenting

Can you ‘dad’ as well as these guys?

Being a dad is the best job in the world. If you’re a dad and don’t agree, then maybe you’re doing it all wrong…

1. The father Luke always wished for.

via reddit/u/afbaxter7

2. This ninja dad.

16 Dads That Have Parenting Down To A Science via reddit/u/andrewjackson5 | 4GIFs
via reddit/u/andrewjackson5 | 4GIFs

3. How to play Call of Duty and nurse your baby all at once.

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4. “Remember that time I saved you from being run over by your sisters?”

via imgur / tumb1r | 4GIFs
via imgur / tumb1r | 4GIFs

5. So you think you can dance? Because I do!

via imgur / thund3rbolt
via imgur / thund3rbolt