These 15 People Are Just Plain Killing It

They are dominating life right now…

You’ll wish you were as cool as these people by the end of this list…

Killing it in life means to be freshest of the fresh, just be the absolute best you can be. These 15 people did exactly that!

1. Loving that denim…

via reddit / Krunk83

2. He seems like he gave up at giving up.

via reddit / uwantshum

3. Killing it, retiree style

via Imgur / JarJarDrinks

4. Straight to the point, and it works!

via Imgur / ItWasIWhoLetTheDogsOut

5. No one killed it more than the guy who took the same photo for the yearbook 40 years and counting.

via Twisted Sifter

6. This guy must have seen a lot of shit…

via reddit / Jux_

7. The guy who thinks he’s living in Battlefield 1

via reddit / zfend013

8. I think this guy found the career he was meant for.

via Imgur / martynrosney

9. When you say “Screw the kids, it’s me time now.”

via reddit / Digi-Wolf

10. He’s just wearing it to block all that salty shade.

via reddit / DrinkOuzoForgetCrisis

11. …and it was the day they hailed him as a hero.

via reddit / HorndogMillionare

12. Well someone is a bit confident…

via Instagram / @totalfratmove

13. Who says you can’t kill it at 60?

via Instagram / @totalfratmove

14. When you’re so fly they need at least 2 more of you.

via Instagram / @totalfratmove

15. Killed it with grandma, you’re soooo cool.

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Main Image via reddit / Jux_


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