These 12 Signs Will Make You Think Twice About How Things Have Changed Throughout The Years

The times they are a-changin’….are they though? Look at these photos and decide for yourself!

Everyone is always talking about how the world has changed throughout the decades. Some blame modern technology while others simply blame society…

It is interesting to see the contradiction between technology being credited for the world’s most influential and sometimes beneficial advances, and it’s role as the source of society’s increase in isolation, depression, lack of attention, and pretty much the general dumbing down of the masses. 

Sure, we can get to L.A. from New York in a couple of hours, but rather than embracing the concept of travel and enjoying the miracle that is flight, people need about 5 different items to keep them entertained and busy throughout the ride. Once they arrive, chances are they’ll do one or two stupid and/or dangerous things, get homesick, irritable, or just stand behind the camera the entire time. Of course, it will all be thoroughly documented on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc. just to make sure everyone knows what you’re up to.

Then, there are some people who see that this isn’t really all that different from the eras of the past. Of course, people in the 50s didn’t have Snapchat, but it isn’t like they sat on the subway and were engulfed in deep and meaningful conversations with one another either.

So how do you think technology actually changed us? Did it make it easier to learn? Or simply became a source of spreading idiocy to the rest of the world? Take a look at the following photos and decide for yourself!

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1. The role may have reversed but a Clinton is a Clinton!

imgur | marified / MailOnline / Getty Images | NY Daily News / Eric Green | Diply

2. Jobless and confused, a tale as old as time.

Odd Stuff Magazine / Ron Castle / Eric Green | Diply

3. Throughout the ages, men will always be staring at boobs.

fanpop / Eric Green | Diply

4. Well, if it makes you happy…

reddit | lawrnk / Conservative Refocus / Eric Green | Diply

5. Trump’s hair has become the Hitler moustache of today!

National Post / Susan Walsh | Associated Press / PapodeHomem / Eric Green | Diply

6. Egyptians shared cat memes before it was cool.

Etsy / Ancient Origins / Eric Green | Diply

7. Outrage will always withstand time…

Daily News / Odd Stuff Magazine / Eric Green | Diply

8. People are still trying to trick you into giving them your money…

imgur | dimahatesbex / cantech letter / Eric Green | Diply

9. You can’t say this doesn’t make a point…but then again a newspaper won’t have Angry Birds on it.


10. One thing is for certain: people have always been perverted.

askmen / IMDb / Eric Green | Diply

11. They seemed like they partied like it was 1399.

reddit | nezdi / Eric Green | Diply

12. At least there are a few less school supplies you need to buy…

iFunny / Pinterest | ProfEdELE / Eric Green | Diply