These 12 Funny Photos Go To Show That Men And Women Might As Well Be Different Species

As if there weren’t enough differences, these photos show you a whole new side of things!

As the old saying goes, “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.”

Who knows? It might really be true! Take a look at these following photos and tell us what you think in the COMMENTS on Facebook. Don’t forget to SHARE this with everyone on Facebook!

1. When you leave dad in charge of the groceries this week…

reddit | 2workigo

2. He gets credit just for packing by himself in the first place.


3. “Walked in on my husband walking the cat across the ceiling while singing ‘Spider Cat, Spider Cat, Does Whatever a Spider Cat Does.'”

Imgur | DontWorryImMedicated

4. “My wife awards ‘Cat of the Month’ in our house. But we have only one cat.”

reddit | eisenh0wer